Ashoka The first thing to cross our minds when we talk about “India” is its sheer size. Not only is it a bewildering diversity of cultures, religions and influences but also an ambrosial range of food traditions. From spicy chutneys to curries, from powerfully potent pickles to pastes, cuisines of multitudes vary from coast to coast and palate to palate. Especially for those adventurous eaters; it is the vibrant rustic hues, rich aromas and the zesty flavors of Indian food that cause them to fall in love with this spice-laced cuisine over and over again. We, at Ashoka exude the love for authentic Indian food through our rich diverse culinary delicacies. Be it the appetizing dum-aloo from the valleys of Kashmir or the exquisite pickles from the southern lands of the maharajas, our palatable foods will definitely take you on a trip down the memory lanes of India. Our Frozen Entrees, Rolls, Frozen Vegetables perfectly suits today’s contemporary lifestyle, which seldom gives time to relish a good meal. So, whether you are always on the move or staying miles away craving for homemade food, our ready to be put on the table products will be a solace for your ever craving appetite. Now, find your home away from home. Enjoy the Indian taste with Ashoka.





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