Sausage Kachori with ADF Soul

Ever wondered how you can change a classic English breakfast into a typical desi evening snack? Of course you can, and sausage kachories are the best fusion food to prove that. Ingredients - For Dough: 2 cups all purpose flour/maida 1 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon carom seeds 2 tablespoon oil Water as required For Filling: 4 chicken sausages 1 me... Continue reading

Egg Pizza with ADF Soul

Kids and food is equal to tension. Their unannounced demands at unusual time can put anyone in a fix. However, one thing that they eat happily without fuss is Pizza. If you prepare pizza at home, then you can cheat the kids by putting lots of vegetables in topping. So here is a pizza that is tasty and healthy too. With ADF Soul Pizza Sauce you can make this pizza in no tim... Continue reading

Baked Vegetables with ADF Soul Ginger-Garlic paste

  Health food is the latest fad; and baked vegetables steal the show when it comes to preparing a meal that is good to taste and quick to make. You can use almost any vegetable available in your fridge and the result will be yummilicious every time. Portion: Serves Two Ingredients : 1/2 Red Bell Pepper 1/2 Yellow Bell Pepper 2-3 Baby corns diced 5... Continue reading
Creamy pasta and saucy chicken

Creamy Pasta and Saucy Chicken Using ADF Soul

A lazy Sunday calls for a super easy, but delicious brunch, and roast chicken is my take on a comfy Sunday meal. On one fine Sunday I realised that I have a bottle of ADF Soul Pizza Sauce in my fridge that I bought to make pizza last week. I was obviously not going to make pizza any soon, so thought why not try it in my roast chicken. Tada!!! I found a whole new marination... Continue reading

Dalia Kebab Using ADF Soul

Dalia or broken wheat are food synonyms of boring. You say you are making porridge and suddenly everyone finds a reason to skip breakfast. So how about surprising everyone with a delicious and exciting kebab preparation with the ever not-so-interesting dalia? That too with the ingredients easily available in your kitchen. All you need are two special ingredients; a dash of... Continue reading
minestrone soup

Quick Minestrone Soup Recipe Using ADF Soul

Quick Minestrone soup This Italian favorite is a wholesome meal. It can be prepared with almost anything in your larder. Just get some beans, fresh vegetables, seasoning and a good pasta sauce. Serves 2 Ingredients 1 3/4thcup pasta – small ones like ditalini, macaroni or small shell pasta 3/4thcup pasta sauce 2 cups vegetable or chicken stock 1 cup ... Continue reading

A Tale on Punjabi Mango Pickle

It can be said that Indians are passionate about pickles and they are somewhat of a tradition. The seasonal ritual is handled by experts in the household and jars of pickles are sent with love to families and friends with travelers till date. The recipes are passed on periodically to the next generation of experts. One of the most popular pickles of Indian cuisine is th... Continue reading

The Roots Of Ginger Garlic

Humans are known to have used garlic for at least over 5000 years. There are over 600 known varieties and sub-varieties of garlic grown world over. Pungent and potent, this bulbous plant is valued world over for its medicinal and culinary properties. In medieval times, Egyptian men are said to have chewed on cloves of garlic when returning to their wives from their mist... Continue reading

How to make Macaroni and Cheese using ADF Soul Pasta Sauce

Macaroni and cheese is that delicious, creamy, food-lover’s delight that can make our collective mouths water with anticipation. This soft, chewy, pasta is quite popular among kids and adults alike. Whether it’s lunch, dinner or just an evening snack; we never say no to bowlful of piping hot macaroni and cheese pasta. Preparing the dish may not be such a difficult task... Continue reading

5 Food Items That Taste Best With Pizza Sauce

Pizza sauce is one of the most integral parts of any pizza. It adds a certain zesty and tangy texture to one of the most popular Italian fast foods in the world. But you can always do something more with pizza sauce, other than using it to make the usual home-made pizza. Add a bit of pizza sauce into a few snacks and let your taste buds do the rest. Here, we show you how y... Continue reading